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Gather Build Survive (WIP)

"Gather Build Survive" is a 2d game that will combine between several genres in a simple yet detailed manner.


  • Survival : In an apocalyptic environment scavenge, work on getting resources and repel enemies.
  • Sim : Keep your character alive by maintaing his needs (Hunger, Energy, Bladder, Hygiene and Health) and gain levels by getting more experience.
  • Resource Managment : Try not to exhaust your resources and find ways to produce and find more resources (scavenging, cooking, planting, working...)
  • Adventure :  The whole mechanics of the game won't be restricted into one level but it'll be sequential into different levels with different objectives and gameplay modifications in each level.
  • Clicker  : The famous fun to some and annoying to some clicker feature will be added in some places in the game just for fun :)


The game is still in pre-alpha phase and will be published as soon as it gets into alpha as an Early Access


Also Keep track on the updates, report bugs or give any new ideas or improvements please visit the "Community Forum"


Get the Pre-Alpha Early Access for Windows and Android. 

Soko Match

Genre: Puzzle 

Platforms: Windows


"Soko Match" is a puzzle game where you need to correct the flow of colors within a colorful environment.


She was supposed to stay silent, but she spoke... In a geometric world where the "Realm" controls their lives, Cal seeks to find his wife after her suspicious disappearance. A puzzle game in a colorful challenging environment with diverse gameplay. ​


Tech world

Tech world

Health Heroes

Genre: Education

Platforms: Android,iOS


"Health Heroes" Application is aiming to spread health awareness among young generation about healthy life style, healthy eating physical activity, hygiene and effect of smoking. 

It helps the development of student’s skills and enriching their health & prevention knowledge using interesting approach in education, such as the quest to win, competition, challenge, curiosity, imagination, visualization and other elements of attraction, thrill and excitement. These games contribute to the improvement of children’s health behaviors by introducing healthy information in an interesting way, such as: motivate them to do some physical activity, how to choose healthy foods through going for healthy Shopping, provide healthy choices of foods that kids like, and how to wash hands to avoid diseases and sickness..The Application has two main characters symbolize health “Manea & Salamah"; Children can choose the character they would like to play with during the games. Those characters were inspired by the heritage of United Arab Emirates.

Deer Man

Genre: Exploration (VR) 

Platforms: Windows


This winter Jacob is taking a break from his busy work, noisy city life and is visiting his parent's in America from Australia.His parents have a house next to the woods and it's freezing and quiet but he isn't alone...


Tech world

Tech world


Genre: Education

Platforms: Android,iOS


 "Colorbug" is an augmented reality app that magically brings kids' storytelling and coloring book to life.



  1. Go to main page, download and print out stencils 
  2. Color in the stencil 
  3. Point your device at the stencil and magically bring it to life

    For more info visit:
Quicky's World

Genre: Adventure 

Platforms: Android, iOS


Play as quicky and help retrieve the secret recipe from the evil bandit. 

Along with a mini football game and other cool things.



Tech world

Tech world

Modhesh AR 

Genre: Entertainment

Platforms: Android


Color Modhesh in different cool environments then watch it come to life with this Augmented reality application created for "Modesh World 2015" Event in Dubai. 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Genre: Educational 

Platforms: Android


Embark on an amazing journey through the Lost Chambers Aquarium.
The Lost Chambers App will help you to explore secrets of Atlantean 
civilization, learn more about marine world, solve puzzles and play games.


Tech world

Tech world

Shoot me NOT

Genre: Arcade

Platforms: Android


"Shoot me not" Is a fast paced arcade mini game where a spherical cannon shoots colorful balls, so you need to collect the ones with the same color as the spherical cannon.

Jump n Flip

Genre: Puzzle 

Platforms: Android


Inspired by the Rubik's cube "Jump n Flip" is  a puzzle game where you need to flip the cubes jumping on them to match the surface



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Contact us
Phone +971 52 8192317
Address Dubai
Skype ziad.antar90
Email ziad10a@live.com


The idea of "Antarsoft" started when I was testing game engines and learning game development back in 2013 as soon as I graduated.

After a year I managed to develop couple levels of a 3D Game "Escape Of The Orb" in which debuted "Antarsoft", soon after I stopped working on the game and advanced into more complex things and started to work in parallel in my personal time and at my full time job.

I worked in several companies and still working a full time job but developing games for "Antarsoft" didn't stop.

By the end of the first year I didn't finish a full yet, rather made several bits and some mini games, but during year two I starte to participate in GameJams and other contests in which resulted in creating two games "Jump n Flip" and "Shoot me Not".

By the third year I already have developed several interactive and games apps in my full time job some using AR,VR, Beacons and other techs like "Colorbug",  "Lost chambers", "Quick's world", "ModheshAR", "Health Heroes" ...

And one of my biggest achievements is when I have managed to publish a game on Steam Stores "Deer Man" which I collaborated with my friend.

Other game I developed also published on Steam Stores "Soko Match".

I'm still and will keep developing games cause nothing brings me more joy that doing what I dreamt of doing since I was  a child.

Oh and I'm a "Dota 2" player not "Leage Of Legends" :)